Service Areas


Several of our service sites provide educational support to students in core subject areas. Members in this service area are assigned to a certain site, where they focus on students in a specific age range or grade level. Many members will have the opportunity to focus on specific subjects such as math, reading, or ESL. Sites could be elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, small rural school districts, community colleges, or alternative adult learning programs. Across all grade levels, members will likely serve students with limited English. Members will be reporting on student progress each quarter to demonstrate their impact.

A typical day involves tutoring students and supporting programs and activities that aim to enrich the existing curriculum or lift barriers to student success. Most tutoring takes place one-on-one or in small groups. Many members have the chance to develop programs, workshops, or activities that draw on their own strengths.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Members who serve at nonprofit agencies will be primarily focused on providing various supports to social service programs. Each member will be placed with a specific organization for the year but will have opportunity to collaborate and volunteer with other programs throughout the service term. Members serving in nonprofits provide services and outreach to low-income community members who are trying to better their situation and achieve self sufficiency. Members will provide direct services to assist low-income community members and families as well as engage in outreach to educate the community about available assistance and resources. Those who become a part of this effort gain extensive experience in the social service field. The common goal is to improve the job readiness and essential skills of those they serve, as well as expand the capacity of nonprofit agencies to provide services. Members will report on measured goals monthly to show their impact on these organizations and the individuals they serve.

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