About half of our members relocate to North Central Washington for their service year, and moving to the area is a challenge that they successfully overcome each year.

Moving Expenses

Like most AmeriCorps programs, we are unfortunately not able to reimburse members for their relocation.

Housing Search

We want to do everything we can to make the process of finding a place to live as easy as possible. Sometimes we do hear of people interested in renting specifically to AmeriCorps members, and we will be happy to pass this information along. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to provide housing for all of our relocating members. It is up to each individual member to find a place that meets his or her needs in terms of cost, location, and desired living environment.

If you do the following, we think you'll have a successful housing search:

Housing and Apartment Resources

Below are a few links you may find useful in your search for finding housing in your new local community.


Area Local Paper Websites:
Wenatchee World
Leavenworth Echo
Omak Chronicle

Property / Rental Management Information:
Still Properties
Huber Real Estate
Herring & Associates
Platinum Property Management
A&M Properties